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Basketball officiating is rewarding and exciting. Traditionally, it is a winter sport, but there are opportunities in the spring, summer, and fall to expand your officiating experience outside of the high school and junior high school seasons. High school basketball includes both boys' and girls 'teams with freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels. Middle schools have boys and girls teams at two levels for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.

Basketball officials need to be in good physical condition to get into the proper position to see the play from the best angle to make the correct call. Knowledge of the rules of the game, mechanics of officiating, and years of experience working many games are keys to being a successful official. There are resources available including rule books, casebooks, and officials manuals per training. 

Officials may work one, two, or three games at a time, and either two-man or three-man officiating crews. PSI trains officials using classroom lectures, video clips, and on-court shadowing. New officials are provided with many training opportunities and we will accommodate your work/personal schedule to allow you to develop and progress at your chosen pace.

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